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ClusterTech Weather・AQ (Air Quality) Technology, is a public site which demonstrates ClusterTech Limited’s capability in weather and air quality forecasting. The model of this site also provides data to ClusterTech Weather・AQ app. Using reliable domestic and foreign data sources, data assimilation technology, forecast models and high performance computing, ClusterTech is able to provide weather and air quality prediction in high resolution, high accuracy and short refresh cycle. In addition, we continually verify our prediction with multi-dimensional analysis. Our team is led by domain experts, with Ph.D.s from top universities, who have been participating in national research projects and possess more than 15 years experience in cluster computing, meteorological and environmental science.

ClusterTech Limited is committed to providing value to clients through advanced computing technologies including Cloud, High Performance Computing, Big Data and Heterogeneous Computing. We provide a comprehensive range of services and products to solve problems in massive data processing, large-scale computing, in-depth analysis, artificial intelligence, and uninterrupted service. Our business areas include financial engineering, business intelligence, environmental science, smart city, and internet applications.

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